On 15 th August 2018 at St.Gabriel hall, Prempracha Wattana School,Mr.Nopporn Piphitchan, the Nonthaburi Provincial Education Officer open the STEM Camp (Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Camp) and greeted the magistracy from IPST(the Institute for the Promotion for Teaching Science and Technology).

A total of 116 students form 32 schools were welcomed by Mr.Apinan Sraptanamun, Ph. d.,School director.Prempracha Wattana School, was the first school in Nonthaburi to be selected to be Developing Centre of the STEM project. The Camp was filled with amusement. Teachers and Students enjoyed, were excited, got new knowledge and also received innovative toys from students who attended the Camp.

Catholic Competition for Kindergarten and Primary level

Congratulations to Buris Paksa from grade 3/1 for achieving bronze medals in the 2018 IPST in Nonthaburi Province.

1 in 2 medals of Nonthaburi

Semester Opening Ceremony 2018

A team of psychologists from the Department of Mental  Health, Ministry of Public Health came to Prempracha Wattana School to proceed with collecting data from our Primary 1 students.

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