042 Thursday, January 16, 2020 at the St. Gabriel’s Hall.

  • Thursday, January 16, 2020
  • Prempracha Wattana School ,host the venue for Teachers’ Day with  Pasart Witaya school Nonthaburi and Pongsawat Technology College be an operator, Administrators and teachers of Prempracha Wattana School, Congratulations to the participants of the 10 Outstanding Teacher Award and 1 Outstanding Educational Personnel.

043 Chinese New Year’s Activity

  • Wednesday 22nd of January,2020
  • Chinese New Year’s Activity was held at Prempracha Wattana School
  • give medical tools and facilities to  representatives from the hospital,Shelter and orphanage,as our school’s project “ Pan namjai Soo chumchon (Give and Share to Community)”at football field  ,Prempracha Wattana School

010 Lent candle procession

  • Friday 12 July 2019,Assistant director teachers and grade 6 students participate in the candle-parade procession to offer offerings to monks at Bang Kho Temple,during the Lent festival.